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Warning: There are discussions about the hu man body, plus photos that show the human body, as well as fluids from the body.  If you are not interested in viewing this type of media, please leave this site.  Thank you.

This is Fibrelos

This Fibrelos was removed from our Patient's upper right chest area, just inches above the location on her right breast where a Mammogram was taken and an Ultrasound Study was ordered by her Doctor.  Fibrelos is coming out in the hundreds possibly thousands.

In our photos & videos ection on the following page to our website, there's photos of the Fibrelos Basketball Tumor that was on the back of our Founder's left leg, a few inches above the knee in the femoral zone. 

 Introducing Fibrelos

     The Photo to Right was taken on September 1, 2016.  It's a photo of a Fibrelos that was removed from our Patient's Right Breast that date.  The effects of Fibrelos comes with extreme symptoms for the sufferer.  You will see photos, videos, and hear from the Founder of this Fibrelos Study. 

     Fibrelos seemingly is found between and on layers of tissue in the body.  Further study will reveal just how and why it's in the body.  The Fibromyalgia Lyme Disease Foundation (hereinafter the F.L.D.F.), as you will see, has inner-connected other mysterious diseases matching the symptoms of the Fibrelos Study.  Just to mention a few of Fibromyalgia, Chronic Lyme Disease Syndrome and Lyme Disease, Unexplained Dermopathy, Lupus, Lou Gehrig's Disease (ALS) as those many similar symptoms are suffered by patients.  Opening into the world of medical knowledge, we ask you to consider Fibrelos. 

The Fibromyalgia Lyme Disease Foundation & the Fibrelos Study    

One thing we do at the F.L.D.F. is take the necessary time needed for studying causation, connection of symptoms with underlying complaints of the Patient, then utilizing avenues of resolution.  Our biggest dream is to build a team of specialists to further our findings.

     In our findings, comparisons to facts, features, and symptoms, that Fibrelos could possibly cause pain associated with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue SyndromeChronic Lyme Syndrome, another announced mysterious set of diseases documented by the Centers for Disease Control (hereinafter the CDC).  Yet that is just the beginning.  What we have are findings worthy of further research.  

With further research, we could build findings into treatments, then have the power through research to formulate proper medicines to give a proper direction in healing.  To be able stop the suffering from possibly most Lyme characteristics and symptoms, have the answer to  Unexplained Dermopathy,Cancer, possibly Breast Cancer, Specific Blood Clots, Abnormal Heart Palpitations, Tumors, Neuro-Science Diagnoses, plus possibly the other Mysterious Diagnoses we have matched with our findings of Fibrelos. Tap the diagnoses above for m ore information.

     With the remarkable findings of Fibrelos, the roots of medical discovery are planted through our independent research. Consider Fibrelos.

Changing the Study from Phase I to Phase II:

     The Fibrelos Study, which is Phase II of the original study called The Branchworm Study, direction with many inner-connected mysterious diseases, diagnoses, and illnesses seemingly matched facts, features, and symptoms specific this Fibrous strand, and/or having similar characteristics of the inner-connected findings, the Founder changed the name of the second phase to The Fibrelos Study.


Fibrelos Scars, Tumors, & Shunts

Here's some photos showing the after effects of Fibrelos attacks, lasting permanent scars after the initial attacks are over.  In Photo #A, our Founder had nearly the size of a Basketball growing on the back of her Left Leg - just above her Left Knee.  More information is on our last page of this website - Please see the tab at the top of this page - Photos & Videos as you'll see more regarding the Fibrelos Basketball Tumor.  January 5, 2015 was the date of the Fibrelos Basketball Tumor.

In Photo #B, this was taken on 1-31-2017.  This is permanently on our Patient's Right Leg.  You can see the deformity and scaring that was done after Fibrelos was removed from that area.  What a painful time it was.  

Next, in Photo #C, this shows a ©Pin Prick Shunt in the back of our Founder's Left Leg just below her left knee in the calf zone.  The reason for starting the shunt to begin with was due to backed up pressure caused by Fibrelos Fluid taking over her Left Leg.  This photo was taken on 10-17-2015.  This shunt was done during the time-frame of the Fibrelos Basketball Tumor.  Walking, sitting, trying to move with all that fluid in your leg(s) is extremely difficult, as seen with Fibrelos Elephant Leg, it's cumbersome to live with.  

      Our Founder has seen and been through so much with the symptoms Fibrelos has caused, she doesn't want any more suffering.  By providing our findings to the public, the Fibrelos Study is now recognized by Doctors as a possibility.                                                                        

  Photo #A Fibrelos Basketball TumorPhoto#B Fibrelos Scar-(R)Leg Photo #C Shunt L-Leg 

Photo #1: The Beginning-The Fibrelos Bump
This Fibrelos Bump is identical to the the August 21, 2016 Fibrelos Attack on thePatient's Right Breast

See more photos of the August 21, 2016 Fibrelos Bump, Fibrelos Attack, and Fibrelos Clots below.

The 1st Photo here is the beginning of a Fibrelos Bump, but it could also just be a red rash looking area, just a simple bump with no center, or could also show black or blue pigment dots on the top layer of skin.  (This is a photo similar to the one Patient's Right Breast before entry into the affected Fibrelos area.)  A red-rash look, in the surrounding tissues in the center that leads to Fibrelos with fluids containing further infections that lead Doctors with questions in Diagnosing many skin disorders.

Photo #2: The Fibrelos StrandFibrelos Removed From a Patient's Body

    The 2nd Photo to Right shows a Fibrelos that was removed from a patients' leg.

The History of the Fibrelos Breast Bruises, Fibrelos Breast Attacks of August 21, 2016 & August 21, 2017

...this is one of many times where the Founder realized there was more going on besides Fibrelos Strands alone, the Fibrelos Bruise and Fibrelos Blood Clot portions of the Fibrelos Study needs further research.

In the Fibrelos Breast Bruise Photos, it shows the removal of Fibrelos Strands from the Patient's Right Breast during a Fibrelos Attack.  You can see the bruising that was first noticed by the Patient, as well as a "Fibrelos Bump" that was located in the center of the bruise.  Patient called her doctor, then ordered a Mammogram.  

Although the Patient for many years would not get a Mammogram done due to extensive pain in times before, she had no other choice but to go now.  See more in the next few paragraphs what transpired and gave us the insight into further study of Fibrelos.

It was August 21, 2016 that the "Breast Bruise" was first noticed by our Patient.  The bruising went away after a few weeks of draining the Fibrelos Clots from the pin-prick incision made originally through the Fibrelos Bump. 

The interesting factor is the following year, on the same day, now it's 2017, August 21, again, the same area where the original Fibrelos Bruise and Fibrelos Blood Clot blowouts were noted, it happened again on August 21, 2017.  It's what we call an interesting phenomena.

This Photo was taken on August 21, 2016 before the Mammogram ordered by the Patient's Doctor, that was done on August 24, 2016.  The bruising was noticed by her first as she looked further, there was a Fibrelos Bump right in the middle of the bruise. 

Same Thing Happens in August of 2017- Same Breast - Similar Bruise - The Bruise with a Memory:

     In August of 2017, it was, a bad sign to see the same area on the Right Breast, having the same Fibrelos Pressure Bruise plus the Fibrelos Bump.  More photos may be seen at the Fibrelos Study website.  She still, in November of 2017 suffered with Fibrelos contained in the Right Breast, and just above in the right chest area, as she has heart palpitations constantly; then, and now.  See the new Fibrelos Blood Clot Series.  

As we all know that many people suffer from breast cancer; we're looking into a direction to study Fibrelos as possibility of cancers.  Tap photo to go to our page - Is Fibrelos the Cause of Breast Cancer?

Photo Display from the Fibrelos Breast Bruise & Fibrelos Breast Attacks
"You cannot treat underlying symptoms without understanding the relevance of why you are doing so."

- Quoted by the Founder of the F.L.D.F.   

Diseases Remarkably Close to Our Findings:

     This is the first noted issue was "Wide Spread Pain" the Founder of the F.L.D.F. felt.  Although in the year 2000 the skin symptoms were reported to Kaiser Doctors, the first Doctor that indicated to her she had Fibromyalgia was in the year of 2007. 

     The following year of 2008 was the skin notations of bumps, a similarity to "Cellulitis" was becoming constant for her.  Then Doctor after Doctor gave no relief.  Many antibiotics that never worked; treatments that left her no hope.  The damages are done to the body, but the time is now for answers. 

     Our Founder has clearly connected "Fibrelos" symptoms to symptoms found in Lyme Disease.  Noted in our study, this fibrous product we have found, somehow, lives inside the human body.  It formulates bumps, rashes, red lines with bumps, it tangles inside the body - around organs, blood vessels, clogs arteries & veins, while fluids specific to Fibrelos can build through the human body.

    Looking back throughout our history, the Founder suffers from this extremely; her Mother (r.i.p 5-10-2017), as well as millions of others. This is reason enough to further study Fibrelos findings.

Unexplained Dermopathy:

     There is a terrible set of symptoms that have been studied, that seem to be similar to the causation of Fibrelos, and that is Unexplained Dermopathy.  The Fiberlos Study has clear documentation connecting many symptoms of "Unexplained Dermopathy".

     Our Founder brought the Fibrelos Study to the research division of Kaiser Research during the time of the Unexplained Dermopathy Kaiser/CDC Study.  They were interested, but due to our Founder being bed-ridden from the symptoms of Fibrelos, she was 2-days behind their schedule of report to the CDC.  Dr. Joe Selby denied the entrance of the Fibrelos Study assisting with their Unexplained Dermopathy Study.  There's no longer a mention of this Unexplained Dermopathy Study on the CDC website: it vanished.  I invite the CDC and Kaiser to return; doing what they should have done, and accept now the Fibrelos Study.

     Patient Complaints" of issues of not only the skin, nervous system, motor coordination and more.  As suffering continues, after the CDC/Kaiser study is left unresolved, several new directions in Medical Science is evolving; one of those new directions is the Fibrelos Study. 

     At the F.L.D.F., we're here not only to listen, but have made our Fibrelos Study available to the United States, as well as internationally; building pathways to learn and discuss Fibrelos.

Specific Fibrelos MRSA:

     Fibrelos MRSA is specific to the findings of Fibrelos, and is not studied as to the combination of Fibrelos & Fibrelos MRSA the Founder has noted.  The FLDF must have professionals do the full documentations about our specific findings.  

     We are happy to announce we gave our first samples of "Fibrelos Product" to the Researchers at the University October 14, 2017. 

We Believe Cancer & Fibrelos May Be Inner-Connected:

     Cancer takes specially trained people that we do not have assisting us at this present time.  We have plans for special divisional research for Breast Cancer, as well as other Cancers.  The Founder feels this could be a possible cause for some Cancers.  We need researchers to look closer at Fibrelos. 


     Although the our study doesn't extensively discuss Lupus, the F.L.D.F. has found extreme similarities to link the findings noted in the Fibrelos Study. 
<----Photo to left from Wikipedia/Dermatitis/Lupus

Looking at Lupus as an Inner-Connection to The Fibrelos Study:

Each and every complaint in the symptoms relate to the causation found in the Fibrelos Study.  With respect to the Dermatitis in Lupus  , the Fibrelos Study shows extreme similarities.  Please see this Wikipedia rticle: 

Rash-Like Symptoms could also be diagnosed as "Cellulitis" by Doctors.  This is one area that is delicate because mis-diagnosing Fibrelos could lead the Patient down a road to medications & treatments that the FLDF feels could potentially make issues worse.  This statement is made by the Founder of the FLDF as to her own experience.

Further looking into Lupus, You can see in this photo red lines, red bumps, as each are an extreme level of skin issue.  This was the first noted Fibrelos information.  Identical to this photo, the discomfort is incredible.  This is the photo on the dermatological studies provided for the public by Wikipedia.

Fibromyalgia Sufferers:

     If you have searched for answers to what causes Fibromyalgia, then you have come to the right place.  The F.L.D.F. has found Fibrelos; it seems to branch through the body like a spider web. As unpleasant it may seem, the findings aren't pretty, but very real, found in our Fibrelos Study.  

     At our website, we provide the first notes of the Fibrelos Study.  In addition, there's photos, videos, noting further informational answers of causes; giving an insight to the medical world, as well as introduce Fibrelos findings to the public; showing what Fibrelos looks like. 

     The Fibrelos Study also has information that is from our Founder's Personal Diary and Notebook that gives an insight directly from her life of suffering due to the medical world guessing at diagnoses.  Her Mother's suffering was much less, thank goodness.  The Founder's Mother died in May of 2017 of Lou Gherig's Disease (ALS), may Mom rest now.

     If you have had the questions that no Doctor has been able to answer regarding Fibromyalgia, as our nerves must have a reason to cause pain, please consider Fibrelos.  Due to a belief of  wide-spread pain in a finding, it's not reassuring, plus it's not clear in diagnosing.  Not having a directional approach and reasoning as to why and what is causing the wide-spread pain caused by, Fibromyalgia, then we ask you to please consider the findings in the Fibrelos Study.

Lyme Disease & Fibrelos: This is a Tick-Borne Research Study:

     In our findings, plus as a part of the Fibrelos Study, we feel that Fibromyalgia is related to Lyme Disease in a Tick-Borne sense.  The Fibromyalgia Lyme Disease Foundation is here to put forth efforts into full study to make "Fibrelos" documented in the medical books.  This will assist with further testing ability for humans as well as animals for diagnosis & treatments.

     Doctors for many years have been studying Fibromyalgia and Lyme Disease with blinders on due to the availability of information; simple facts and findings.  

     The F.L.D.F. has  researched a perspective of Fibrelos as to being a possible cause for "Chronic Lyme Syndrome", as some symptoms are the Mysterious Illnesses we mention. 

    It is our mission to bring this Fibrelos Study to the medical world to assist Doctors in diagnosing the Right information for the Right Disease.  

Fibromyalgia Lyme Disease Foundation Research:

If you have looked for further information about Fibromyalgia and Lyme Disease with New Research leading to new findings...Welcome,you are in the Fibrelos Zone.  

As mentioned above, the F.L.D.F. has findings, now available and ready for further Research, that our Founder feels represents the underlying causation of Fibromyalgia.  We then took those findings; realizing the incredible relation to Lyme Disease, further studying symptoms, sufferings of people, then connected the information together.  During this process, other illnesses having the exact symptoms, yet show no reason or cause, are also seemingly as well as bilaterally connected to our findings.   

Photo #3 "The Water Test"

This Photo #3 to Right shows Fibrelos Strands with Fibrelos Blood Clots just removed from a Patient's body, then placed in tap water, showing the Fibrelos in a more natural state.  It's easy to see the Fibrelos Blood Clots.   It's easier to see the Fibrelos in water.  Floating in water allows Fibrelos to show different and sometimes subtle movements. 

You may try the water test without removing Fibrelos:

You'll first need a magnification system to see the movements clear; I suggest your cell phone with your flashlight on, then turn on the camera.  Magnify to your choosing. Hold your camera over the tweezers with the Fibrelos Strands.

1.  Get the "Cotton/Product" from a prescription or vitamin bottle

2.  Get a cup or bowl of water

3.  Get a tweezers and pull a few of the Fibers from the Cotton/Product

4.  While squeezing the "Fibers" with the Tweezers, dip the Fibers into the water; hold on to the tweezers due to ease of seeing the "Fibers" movements

5.  Movement should be immediately; if not, select different Fibers from your Cotton/Product, then repeat procedure

When we did a test with the Cotton from Prescription Bottles - (it's not really cotton, its a different product we feel contains something similar to that of Fibrelos, as discussed in the Fibrelos Study)- in water, it clearly shows the "Movements" of the fibers that are similar to Fibrelos.

Grants and Medical Specialties:

In the very future, we will be applying for grants that are specifically for the Fibrelos Study which inner-connects Fibromyalgia, Lyme Disease as well as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Unexplained Dermopathy, and more.  Once we are a full 501(c)(3)As these illnesses seem to parallel to our Fibrelos Study. 

We look to any Licensed Medical Professionals looking for a fantastic way to help people, by joining force with theF.L.D.F.  We need you to put our findings into motion.  We hope you make that choice of the Fibrelos Study.

 With our clear findings, not only will people suffering from these diseases will have hope, seeing progress showing mysterious illnesses are no longer to be a mystery: Fibrelos could be an answer. 

Our Founder states this to everyone:    

When we began our endeavors with the Fibrelos Study, we knew we had our work cut out for us.  This is a complex study, as we will do our best to get answers for the public. Our goal is to research, create testing, find proper treatment & medication.

     So much must been done in Medical Sciences regarding Fibrelos.
Help Us ~ Help Others:

     Please take a moment to read both pages on this F.L.D.F. website. The information is not the prettiest sight, but with this knowledge comes complete power over disease.  With these findings comes the exceptional tasks of raising the funds and products needed for Research. Please take a moment and look at the list we've provided of items needed to assist our Research efforts:

1.   We are in need of Licensed Medical Professionals for this Medical Study, including Microbiologists, Scientists and Laboratory Personnel;;

2.   We need Laboratory Equipment specific for researching Fibrelos, and a Laboratory as well; 

3.   Proper space dedicated to Fibrelos Research;

4.   We want to be able to fund certain projects such as Seminars for the Medical Community, associated fees for travel to different hospitals for teaching this new finding, and purchasing microscopic discovery equipment. If you are able to assist, we invite you to do so; 

5.   If there is something else you might be able to contribute, by all means please let us know by using the "Contact Us" short form on either page.    

Thank you for your support.
Tell Us Your Story:

We Want To Hear From You: Tell Us Your Story
We are inviting everyone suffering from Fibrelos Inner-Connected Diseases/Illnesses, such as Fibromyalgia,Lyme Sufferers, Chronic Lyme Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Unexplained Dermopathy, Lupus, Cancer, and anything they feel is close to what is mentioned on our F.L.D.F. & Fibrelos websites, to write to us and tell us what you have been told by your physicians, practitioners, as well as other specialists to because of your illness. Please tell us how you have managed your illness; different things you've tried. We are compiling stories from you and anyone that wishes to share their story, that have been diagnosed, experiencing symptoms now, and also have been guided regarding your illness.
Please help us to help you and others by telling us more about your illness. If you would, please use the form below to send us your communication. Or, better yet, please contact us on Facebook: Fibrelos Study - And please add us to your "Friends List"! :)

Volunteer at theFLDF - Research of Fibrelos:

We need Medical & Research Professionals. By joining force with the F.L.D.F.,volunteering will help put our findings in operation. 

Wouldn't you want to be a part of a team that wants to put proper findings to good use?  We hope you make that choice.  With your assistance, we will be able achieve 'White Paper Status', which could lead to design & manufacture a "Direct Testing Protocol", plus create treatment options. 

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In the future, we're starting a Giving Program for the Suffering:

     We will one day have a program to assist in helping those that suffer from the illnesses of Fibrelos cause; in their own lives suffering from sickness, then may have used up their life savings to pay for treatment(s), doctor visits, and unable to attend work due to illness. 

     Helping the suffering & ending the pain while helping those also who have suffered monetary as well during illness; we are all heart at the FLDF. Thank you.

Giving today?  Why not think of the F.L.D.F.!

Please help us with our dream of further Research Development, funding our Fibrelos Study, and building the FLDF Research Institute.  Please help today

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