The Fibrelos Basketball Tumor

"The Fibrelos Tumor"- Back of the Left Leg

This Fibrelos Tumor was on the back of our Patient's Left Leg. It was very difficult to get around, sit, even sleeping was challenging for her. 

Size of the Fibrelos Tumor:

It was approximately eight inches (25") in depth, twenty-three (23") around, and very difficult to maneuver sitting, walking, standing, nearly impossible to sit on a toilet. Our Founder learned the content was thousands of thin Fibrelos, more than ten (10) pints of Fibrelos fluid was filling this monstrous size tumor. Doctors wouldn't help.  Even a Vascular Surgeon wouldn't place a shunt in her leg to drain it. What's a girl to do?  She didn't want to sit on a Basketball the rest of her life, so she opted to "Shunt" the "Massive Tumor" herself. It worked! 

Why this Patient Shunted the Fibrelos Tumor on Her Own:

When you have something wrong with your body that is visible to a Doctor, and they don't want to deal with it, what is left to do is take care of self, she did exactly that.  The massive "Fibrelos Tumor" was gone a few months after the initial shunting. By the time she shunted and it fully drained, it was less time for the shunt work, than the waiting for a Doctor to help.  The toxins that fills the body like this is extreme; can get a person very sick.  What our Patient did was brave, but we do not suggest anyone do this.  Always contact your doctor. 

January 6, 2015: This Photo shows this Massive Fibrelos Basketball Tumor on the back of the leg, just above the back of the left knee.

The photos of the Fibrelos Basketball Tumor were taken on January 6, 2015. 

      The similarities of The Fibrelos Basketball Tumor is interesting; especially in the "Shine & Shimmer" of the upper layers of skin.  The same is with this Tumor in the CNN Report, as it is with our Patient's Fibrelos Basketball Tumor. (more photos of the Fibrelos Basketball Tumor are above)

Tap photo to see Similar Tumor as the Fibrelos Basketball Tumor. This is a CNN Report

This Photo shows an 8.5" Fibrelos with several connections previously connected to other Fibrelos. This is what's considered to be an "Tangled Fibrelos". We're getting down to "Brass Tacks" with furthering findings of Fibrelos.

At the F.L.D.F., our goal is to educate the Medical Community about our findings. Scientists, Doctors, Microbiologists, our research has many facets. We are seeking complete testing and your expertise would be helpful. Possibilities of many diseases could be connected such as: cancer, lupus, strokes, heart attacks, vein illnesses, and more. Please contact us if you are interested in exploring our ingenious findings.

Please Note:

This website as well as the website are the notes of the Founder. There will be changes made periodically to add more notes. The inner-connections exclusiveof the Fibrelos findings are proprietary to the FLDF, until Abstract is in, the full study will not be released to the public.

Please keep in mind while viewing various photos & videos, they are from Fibrelos Study, Phase I, and some of the issues in the videos have had further research.  The statement Fibrous Textile is now considered to be a part of the Fibrelos Study and not discussed but when speaking about Fibrelos. Also, these videos are graphic; please be aware of this.  

The "Fibrelos Study" was called "Branchworm Study" during the Phase I section of the Fibrelos Study.  Please note this change when viewing these older videos.  Thank you.

The symptoms of Fibrelos indicates Lyme Disease & Fibromyalgia could be connected.  It's a part of the Fibrelos Study which discusses the hardness areas of the body where Fibrelos bumps are.  Fibrelos noticed and found in the body also is found throughout tissue as well. 

 This Photo shows a removal of a large Fibrelos.  When comparing this photo to the photo below, as well as the photo above this one, the slim one is also Fibrelos. Due to extensive tangling of many Fibrelos, it's size can be extreme, as mentioned above with the 8.5 Fibrelos.

Fibrelos MRSA. Fibrelos fluid fills up the body and Fibrelos attacks can happen at any time. This is a continuation of a Fibrelos attack that is from October 30, 2015.  

11-21-15 Fibrelos MRSA 
Description for Photos:

This Photo-right shows multiple sizes of Fibrelos. You can see there'"Oxygen Bubbles" floating in among the samples just removed from the Founders Right Leg. The bubbles show Fibrelos is using up oxygen from the body. This was one of the first signs noticed of oxygen use by Fibrelos from inception of the study. 

This  Photo shows the removal of the Fibrelos. Delicate maneuvering with surgical techniques, along with time and patience allowed the removal of the entire Fibrelos.  

This Photo shows a large Fibrelos that was removed from the Founders Right Breast. The details are shown with the many strands of Fibrelos. You can see the different looks of Fibrelos. This is from the "Fibrelos Dry Study" that will be added in the future.

This Photo shows Fibrelos being removed from the Founders Right Upper Chest. The  details  can be seen; showing all throughout this Fibrelos. You can see the many different connectors that are attached to this large Fibrelos.

This photo shows a Fibrelos Tangle.  As this begins a clog in the body in our  veins, arteries, blood flow, epidermis, organs, even causes heart palpitations due to formal blood clots building on top of the heart. The clarity that it's remarkable is an understatement.  Fibrelos Strands wrap around, over and over, tangling like a ball of tangled yarn; causing extensive issues wherever they form.


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