More about our Founder

     I reveal more to you about when I first noticed Fibrelos symptoms. Even though in 2000 when I had extensive issues with Dermatological Symptoms; my Doctor at Kaiser couldn't provide any diagnosis or treatment that worked.  Then next, in the beginning months of 2008, I became sick with something terrible called "Fibrelos"; as that contained the exact symptoms of the 2000 Dermatological Symptoms, there seemed to be more pain in the skin and underneath the layers of epidermis. 

     Later in 2008, all of a sudden came down with a bad rash on my arm; but it was much different than any rash I had seen on my body before. Doctors gave limited assistance because the education just hasn't been there with this type of illness.  Until now.  I studied for over  ten (10) years all about what makes the body go through the symptoms of Fibrelos.  In October of 2017, a Professor at a  University in the United States has the first 'Fibrelos Study' samples.  I connected several symptoms I suffer with, and in doing so, I realized I have found a connection to several "Mysterious Diseases" like Fibromyalgia, Chronic Lyme Syndrome, Lupus, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lou Gehrig's Disease (ALS) plus a few more.   

     At age 19, I went to school to become a Certified Medical Assistant.  I furthered my medical interests researching many different illnesses.  I had no idea that one day I would be saving my Mother's life; more than once. 

     I'm not only trying to save my own life through the study of Fibrelos; also many others as well who suffer with Fibrelos illnesses.  It's been a big challenge to be sick, getting websites together to document everything, plus doing the Fibrelos Study.  What if this is the answer to Cancer?  Help for others is important, and that's where Fibrelos may be the answer.

     In my years of experience; having an extreme interest of being a Doctor, I worked nearly25 years in the medical world, then continued my love for Medicine.  Now with the Fibrelos Study, as it went to a U.S. University, where it was discovered by review of the Professor, a match to one of the Fibrelos inner-connections of Mysterious Diseases was found.  To me, that's a very good start.  However, to continue the Fibrelos Study was more work than the Professor wanted to take on at that time, and now we are now seeking a new Research Team.

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